Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chemtrails and HAARP Hijacking the Mind

Is it possible that Chemtrails and a research program called HAARP can hijack your mind?  First, to answer this question you have to verify that there is such a thing as Chemtrails.  I suggest just take a couple of hours of your day to simply LOOK UP at the sky, watch for jet planes leaving a trail of white smoke that does not dissipate within a few minutes, then continue to watch the white smoke turn into a white cloud of chemicals.  Now after you establish that something is being sprayed, do some research in regard to what that spray is.  After you complete that, we can now talk about what effects these chemicals have on your health.  In the Chemtrail mix are aresolized sub-micron (smaller than human cells) elements.  Some of these elements are biological, and some are synthetic compounds. When Inhaling these sub-micron elements it may be possible to transfer it from your lungs directly to your bloodstream and into your body systems.  The nervous system is what I want to highlight here.  The Brain is the control for all of the other systems in your body, I believe these elements by-passes the blood brain barrier either indirectly or directly.  Certain elements like heavy metals can severely damage the brain and nervous system, lets take aluminum for instance, it attaches to your cell receptors and it has been know to cause Alzheimer disease.  Other heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium destroy important proteins, enzymes, hormones, and cell receptors.  All of these metals have been reported being part of the chemtrail mix, just go to for complete list.  If your brain is expose to these elements you will have symptoms relating to the level of your exposure.  This would range from Memory Loss, OCD, Alzheimer, to Brain Cancer.  If your nervous system is bogged down by these elements and communication is cut from brain to your organs, your health will spiral into a chronic disease state or early death.  The brain will not be able to produce hormones, enzymes, and proteins it needs to sustain stability within itself and the body.  In essence, you will become a shadow of yourself, unexplained fits of anger, rage, and depression will replace your once cheerful personality.  Of course this is relative to the variable range of personalities we find in the general public, but the negative thoughts and feelings would be amplified upon exposure to these elements.  I call this chemical induced Negative Thought Amplification.

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and VTRPE, (variable terrain radio parabolic equation) are just the latest in frequency experimentation.   These Government controlled radio waves can alter biological DNA, Biochemistry, and more.  They operate at ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) levels which happen to be the same level at which animals and humans operate on.  Scientific break through (Dr. Patrick Flanagan) in the ELF sciences have used these frequencies to beam sound directly into human brains.  Also Dr. Jose Delgado from Yale University, wrote a book called Physical Control of the Mind.  In his book he mentions how EFL type frequencies can trigger huge mood swings in human minds.  It is possible to induce an array of emotions using these frequencies in combination, ranging from happy to sad.  The brain naturally tries to mimic frequencies in the ELF range, if the frequencies are negative, then your body will respond with unexplained stress, tension, and illness.  Positive EFL frequencies would have a healing effect on the body.  If the wrong people had access to this technology they would have the base for making a real mind control device.  It could also be turned into a weapon to control a population, make them more passive, or induce disease and hysteria.  Since 2009 I have been battling a host of medical illnesses, and I have come to realize it has a lot to do with the current environment in relation to the Chemtrail spraying and programs like HAARP.  In the Chemtrail mix there are also sub-micron materials that have been identified as nano-tech, exotic toxins, and poly fibers that some how assembled with in the human body to form what is now known as Morgellons.  I believe the nano-tech part of Chemtrails is activated and controlled through the cell phone (microwave) net work that can switch them on or off.  Since around 2006 I have experienced a whole wide range of thoughts and feelings not normal to me.  These changes in thoughts and feelings were so subtle that my family nor I knew it was even happening.  But, one thing that I can say with out a doubt is that my mind had shifted negatively.  My mind had been Hijacked by negative outside thoughts and feelings.  So why do I believe this?  Three reasons; 1. Chemtrails are being sprayed in the sky almost daily and the HAARP program is still active  2. The technology exist now  3. Congress has passed laws that allow the military to experiment on the general public.

Through the experience from my recovery and experience from helping others a pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors has emerged:
  • unexplained fear variable in degree
  • unexplained anxiety variable in degree
  • unexplained depression variable in degree
  • unexplained agitation variable in degree
  • lower awareness and IQ
  • Memory loss
  • obsessive behavior
  • loss of Identity variable in degree
  • speech difficulty variable in degree
  • mental stupor
  • Increased egocentrism (self-centered)
  • self destructive behavior
  • self pity
  • need for control
  • paranoia (or social anxiety)
  • bipolar
I have notice since my illnesses, personally speaking, all of these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have been amplified exponentially since around 2006, but mainly unexplained feelings of anxiety and fear ruled my mind.  With the aid of holistic modalities, herbal remedies, and the awareness of what is going on in my mind, I have lessen the chemtrail induced negative thoughts back to almost normal, with mild feelings of anxiety that still pop up from time to time.  I attribute this to poor kidney function.  But, there are many people out there unaware of this Negative Thought Amplification, which could induce psychosis on an unsuspecting person.  It is not normal for people to have these thoughts all the time, the mind has shifted to a collective negative state of being.  For people that need help right away I will suggest a few things that has helped me adjust:

  • Bach Rescue Remedies (this works on the energetic level)
  • Spiritual comfort (love)
  • Reiki (energy healing)
  • Detox your liver (find out how from other post on my blog)
  • Increase vitamins (like natural source of B, and C)
  • Take long walks or do a hobby that you enjoy
  • Organic juicing (beets, apples, carrots, pineapple)
  • Hot Bath with 1 cup of Epson salt and raise your core temperature to 99 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Use Adaptogens like Astragalus, Ginseng, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), and Suma at low doses for 90 days (check for side effects, check with doctor before taking)

Note;  I believe that Chemtrail mix somehow works with HAARP to amplify EFL pulsation in the human body.  On certain days I can feel the frequencies pulse and vibrate through my entire body while I lie still, also I can see the  frequency pulsation form ripples in the chemical clouds above.

My conclusion...  Any person who tries medical or alternative remedies to cure themselves would be, ultimately, a temporary fix.  You will need a remedy that can be repeated as necessary.  We must clean the air, water, soil and turn off these EFL frequencies if your desire is to return to 100%.  Your body can and will adapt if given a chance.  I am consistently amazed by each generation born with little to no effects from these environmental stresses we live in today.

Also, we have to realize that we are all on the same planet and we are related through the birth of the universe.  We need to shift our own thoughts from fear and hate to helping and loving each other as a whole and not as enemies.  Be responsible for your own actions and don't hide under the cover of I didn't know, or every one else is doing it, and I was just following orders.


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"If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it."  Genesis 4:7