Friday, May 31, 2013

Aluminum Fluoride Compound effect in a living organism

In the air we breath are high levels of two very toxic elements to living organisms, Aluminum and Fluoride.  This compound has been linked in many studies to inhibit the ATP cycle in the mitochondria, when the ATP cycle is interrupted the organism energy is greatly diminished, because the ATP cycle is responsible for 90% of an organism output.  Cells that can not produce its own energy stagnates and dies.  Imagine that happening to millions of cells, dead cells clogging up organs and tissues, which leads to malfunction of all organs and tissues and a chronic state of disease. 

Dr. Terry Wahls has a answer for this problem, to learn more visit my other website, and watch her video.
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In today's environment it's hard to stay above water healthwise, we have a lot of toxins to deal with, the fall out from Japanese Nuclear Reactor in 2011 
(Fukushima Daiichi), detectable Dioxin levels in water & food supply, (Genetically Modified Food), and (Chem Trails) in the air.  All these toxins put a heavy stress on the body and wear a person out to their maximum exhausting point.

Good thing our bodies can adapt with the right attitude, and holistic vision that will help us tap into the powerful healing properties of our body, all we have to do is give our body a little help.  We will guide you to what you can do to assist your body adjust to today's environment.  All the information that is provided is based on facts, researched form various news report and medical or government publication.

So lets start enjoying living disease free...