Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to Defend your body against Chemtrails

This post is for all the people that are aware of chemtrails and want to overcome all the health issues that are associated with chemtrails.  So, lets examine what is in the chemtrail mix, here is a short list of chemicals and pathogens confirmed as part of the chemtrail spray.

  • Barium - affects heart and nervous system
  • Aluminum - brain injury and memory loss
  • Arsenic - pale skin, blood in stools, and dizziness
  • Ethylene Dibromide - hormone and adrenal dysfunction
  • Pseudomonas florescens - blood infections feeds on ethylene dibromide
All of the chemicals above lower the immune system which allow opportunistic pathogens to infect the body.


  • Barium causes a significant drop in your body potassium level, this factor increases your chance for heart attacks.  Not only does barium effect the heart but it is know to cause neurological damage like (MS) multiple sclerosis, (TSE) transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, and (ALS) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  Defend - yourself by increase your potassium intake.  This can achieve by eating or drinking foods high in potassium.  Coconut milk and barley grass are good sources of potassium.  Coconut milk has approximately 150mg and barley grass has about 85mg of potassium per serving.  These two nutrients also have many other health benefits and other protecting factors for today's environment. 
  • Aluminum can damage the nervous system especially the brain, it also lowers awareness, memory, and IQ.  This metal has been linked to many brain and pineal diseases.  Many studies have shown people with high levels of aluminum will at some point develop Alzheimer's disease.  Defend - yourself by chelation, you can do this by eating foods or taking supplements with pectin (like apples, and citrus).  Or you can take Sodium Alginate, Chlorophyll, and EDTA pills.  All of these supplements have metal removal capablities.  Chelation depending which route you take requires patience, do it for 1-2 months and reassess how you feel.
  • Arsenic causes eye pain, blurry vision, dizziness, eyelids to swell, dryness of the skin, loss of appetite, and nose bleeds.  Its targets the Pulmonary nervous system and causes lung and skin cancer.  Defend - yourself with essiac tea, it helps repair the nervous system and detox at the same time and it has a long history of curing cancer.
  • Ethylene Dibromide effects the kidneys especially the adrenals, you will notice little stress will set you off, or unable to handle pressure like you used to.  Its also effects the liver, heart, lungs, and hormonal functions.  Ethylene Dibromide is drying agent for your cells.  Defend - with Methyl sulfonyl-methane MSM, this nutrient helps keep the cell flexible and strong.  Mucilaginous herbs are helpful in keeping the body moist, use herbs like marshmallow, slippery elm, and aloe.  In combination MSM and Mucilaginous herbs will help to keep your cell to function normally.
  • Pseudomonas Florescens is a gram negative bacteria that is normally found in the soil and decaying plant matter.  This bacteria can cause blood sepsis, bone infections, lung infections in immune-compromised people.  The problem is, in chemtrail mix the aim is to produce a state of people with compromised immune system.  Defend - yourself with herbs.  Add to your diet loads of garlic, ginger, horseradish, and thyme.  Get with and herbalist if you have a serious problem, you will need a tincture to fit your needs.  But if you cant find and herbalist near your location I will suggest some herbal tinctures:  Barberry Root, Usnea, and Marshmallow Root (take as directed on the bottle).  In combination these herbs should help with many infections that come from Chemtrails.
Put together a combination that fit your needs, and return your body back to full strength.  Then tell your congressman to stop spraying Chemtrails!