Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to care for skin from Chemtrail effects

When people seek treatment for the effects of Chemtrails most health professionals tend to forget that the skin is the organ most exposed to this Bioweapon.  The best soaps on the market today do not address this environmental disaster.  Microscopic elements (pathogens, metals, chemicals, vectors) are landing onto your skin everyday.  This causes all sorts of problems for your body, like:

  • A feeling of Congestion or Suffocation
  • Disrupted skin hormones and compounds (Vitamin D, retinoids, eicosanoids)
  • Disease tissue
  • Nervousness, and manic state of mind 
Skin is needed to synthesis Vitamin D, and Vitamin D is needed to regulate over 200 genes in the human body.  Low levels of Vitamin D would hinder cell function located in the bodies major organs (brain, heart, kidneys, bone, etc), also the immune system, and the parathyroid.  Vitamin D has many roles in the body, Like, fighting Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Lupus.  Also, it helps prevent Heart Attack, Stoke, and Diabetes. 

This is why it important to care for the skin in today's environment.  We can mitigate the effect of Chemtrails by a few simple actions, like:

  • Dry brushing the skin
  • Increase exposure to the sun (in the evening)
  • Eat foods high in Vitamin D (fish, mushrooms, eggs)
  • Long hot baths (add cup of Epson salt)
Dry brushing the skin is very good for increasing circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, exfoliate dead cells allowing the skin to breath, reduce cellulite, increases digestion, and kidney function.  When brushing the skin make sure your bush is long and made from natural materials.  Brush in the morning before showers for best results, always start with legs towards the heart then arms and torso.  Do not scrub the body, use medium pressure when brushing.

Get a baseline Vitamin D blood test to see where you are, and monitor your Vitamin D levels with your Doctor.  Having to much Vitamin D could be just as bad as not having enough.  If you have no access to a Doctor there are a few signs that may indicate low level of Vitamin D, upper chest pain, low immunity, unbalanced sugar levels, if you have all three of these start taking steps to increase your Vitamin D.

Do not eat GMO Food, it may be laced with a chemical called Ecdysone, which will cause an array of diseases and transform your DNA through a process called transgenesis.  Try to buy locally grown organic produce when possible.

Miracle II Soap is a natural soap that may help to unclog your skin pores and decontaminate the skin 

Use these steps if you believe your skin is not working as it was intended to, and have healthier, cleaner, and functioning skin once again.  A side effect from this method is a happier and healthy life.