Friday, June 14, 2013

Hidden Life Saving Therapy

In 1958 Dr. Max Gerson published his book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 cases.  He documented 30 years of clinical experiments, and 50 case studies treating people with cancer and successfully healing them just with supplements, and two formulated juices.  The therapy employs rapid detoxification with coffee enemas and at the same time cellular nutrition, with special formulated vegetable and fruit juices.  The medical establishments do not give any merit to hard evidence that Dr. Gerson provides in his books or publications, and their reason is because his therapy can not be properly studied by their standard tests.  If you compare the two in treatment of cancer case by case you will find that Dr. Gerson's therapy has a 90% success rate and the medical establishment has about 30% success rate, and that number drops even lower if you take out people that survive only 5 years after radiation treatment.  Not only does Dr. Gerson's therapy heal certain types of cancer, but it also heal chronic illnesses like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, heart disease, auto-immune disease, and many others.  Dr. Gerson's base principle is to give the body a chance to heal itself.  He does this by removing the toxins and micro-organisms that keep the body from healing, and gives the body materials it needs to heal.  A simple but very powerful therapy.  So why have none of the mainstream Doctors in your city, state, or country tell you about this treatment, or even give you an alternative to radiation treatment?  We can only speculate why the Gerson therapy is not mentioned by your doctors, but I can reason why this information is not shared with the general public, and that's because it is a simple and powerful therapy, healing power in your hands, and no medical degree needed.

So, I challenge you to investigate for yourself and find out if this therapy is hype or right for you.

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